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Myths about a girl's virginity

With so much pristine linked myths and legends that confuse. We will try to confirm or refute the most common of them.

Myth N1. All start in 13-14 years . Who is this "all"? Adolescents simply a lot of talk about IT, for lack of another way to prove and independence. The median age at first sex of American teenagers - 16.2 years (average in the world - 17,4). And the age of sexual debut is directly dependent on welfare in the family, of intellect and level of education and, of course, the level of self-esteem. Thus, up to 16 years, started 1 of 4 students.
Myth N2.Virginal membrane thicken over the years - and deprive innocence than later, so it is difficult. In fact, the anatomical structure virginal membrane, the value of its openings and density is very individual and not depend on age, and the characteristics of your body. If it was elastic in 18 years, then to 28 and not "closes".

Myth N3. Early first sexual experience is harmful to health. Not a myth. virginal membrane-a barrier to infections at the time, yet not formed until the end of the protective environment (on average - up to 18-19 years). At the same girls to a very thin epithelium walls of the vagina (the formation of an end to 17-18 years) - it's easily traumatic during sexual intercourse. All this often leads to inflammatory processes that could later lead to spikes and infertility.

Myth N 4. Later the beginning of sexual activity harmful to health. Previously, even among physicians misleading view that migraine, ovarian dysfunction, and even acne - the result of prolonged virginity. Some of these diseases may indeed be due to hormonal and depend on the regularity of sexuality (and regularity orgasm!), But not on the availability of virginal membrane. We know many cases where women first "learn" the man in 28, 29, 35 years old, pregnant and gave birth safely. Gynecological problems "old virgin" are not related to the pristine as such but with yet another myth.

Myth N 5. Those who do not live sexuality, to the gynecologist does not necessarily go. The best way to my mom showed you child gynecologist even in 6-7 years. But if such a doctor in your city is not the case, after the first menstruation, you have to take care of themselves and attending antenatal clinics at least once in 1 year: at a young age, initially to treat almost all diseases.

Myth N 6. Defloration - the process painful and bloody. Sometimes, of course, that hurt some large receptacle and embodied the dream of medieval knights - the bloody bed. If, after the first sexual contact, pain not long passes, if more than 2 days does not stop bleeding, it should be to see a doctor, to prevent impulse walls of the vagina. But in normal situations, especially if the girl is severely initiated (and, consequently, in its many natural lubrication vagina), blood and pain can not be.

Myth N 7. The first sexual partner should be older and experienced. At least desirable. Experienced teammate enough patience and skill to bring the "newcomer" to a high degree of excitation.

Myth N 8. The best way to lose innocence in the bath. Indeed warm water relaxes muscles and nerves, prevents spasms - and consequently reduces the pain. But water washes natural vaginal lubrication. Besides the model of domestic baths have sex without the traumatic effects can only experienced lovers. Therefore, the bath can be used for prelude, and then move into the bed.

Myth N 9. Since a condom patients. On the contrary! Condoms get rid of the pain, since almost all modern rubber covered with a special lubricant to facilitate sliding. Defloration they can not obstruct, because in the process, sorry, is not a condom, a body in it Vesminte.

Myth N 10. On the first time can not get pregnant. Can! Therefore, begin receiving combined hormonal contraceptives in advance, yet at the stage advances and joint walks. click here
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