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Islam. Love and sex

In terms of oral tendresse in Islam there are different views. They proceed from the principle of "permitted all that is not forbidden", referring to the meaning and: "Your wife - Niva for you, go to your field, as a wish, and prepare for themselves, and be afraid of God ..." (2:223). There are only two ban, they say. The first is contained in the Koran - a ban on sexual intercourse during the month: "move away from the same women in menstruation and is not approaching them until they cleanse" (2:222).On the second ban in several states Hadith Prophet (yes Allah bless him and welcomed), and it deals with anal sex (as will be discussed separately). Thus, a direct ban on oral sex in Islam does not.

However, oral sex (if it is not limited stimulation) can be linked to hit in the mouth, men and women sperm his madhi (selections glands before eruption seed) or, respectively, selections female genital glands in the mouth by men. With regard to cleanliness sperm among Mussulmans there is no single opinion. Some believe it clean, like saliva or milk mothers, others denied it clean, comparing with blood and urine.

Another view is that oral sex degrading to humans and is such an act, "which did not commit, even the lowest animals" (Mufti Ibrahim Desai from South Africa). It is based on that person's head and his mouth - a sublime parts of the body. Roth and language memory for us to serve Allah, so using them to to bring sexual pleasure to their spouse humiliates rights. However, such considerations related to sex seen as something dirty and unworthy. But the man was created from seed, and Allah put the embryo in the womb so that he could obtain full development: "Is not it a drop of semen museums?" (75:37); "He makes you in your mothers womb, one after another in the creation of three darkness" (39:6).

There is another argument, found in the writings of some Islamic scholars. They say that there is only one certain place, where men's seed to fall - is vagina. God created man exactly so, he provided this to the human race could continue. In this case, compared with the field appears as a proof of the following allegations: grain should fall into the earth to it subsequently increased harvest ( "catechize for themselves").

"Oral sex is acceptable with the consent of both spouses, provided that the mouth does not hit any liquid" (Ayatollah Ali Sistani). "With regard to oral sex, it is acceptable only as a prelude to sex and stimulation" (Sheikh Ahmad Kutti)

Sheikh Kutti writes: "Scientists believe that oral sex with intent to obtain eruption husband's semen into the mouth of his wife - makruh (undesirable effect). This assertion is based on the views of Muslim jurists who considered unclean and semen madhi. If, during oral sex classes are seed eruption occurs, the spouses must perform a complete anointing - gusl, if not, sufficiently small anointing - voodoo.

Among the founders of the four schools of Islamic law there is a difference of opinion as to whether the seed (mani) clean or not. While the Imams Abu Hanifa and Malik consider unclean seed (nadzhas), and Ahmad Shafii imams do not share this viewpoint. But they all insist that the seed must wash off if it is wet, or to scrape away from the body, clothing or other items on which it came, if it has dried. If, during oral sex classes seed hit in the mouth, it is necessary to rinse their mouths. In any case, can not swallow seed. " click here
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