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On the planet continues unusual born children! In France they are called "Teflon". At the British Isles - "Millennium Children". In Russia, they - "children of light". And yet they are called "indigo". Indigo children. Children with indigo - children with magnets? Several years ago, from different parts of Russia, has come strange information - there is syam declared "magnetic" children. Thus, the 14 - year old Masha Epifanova from Nizhny Novgorod nothing strange in their ability to hold on the body sees no metal objects. She could walk for hours, to hang round with spoons and forks (if friends are asked). Another girl sticks to the coin. But her girlfriend, 13 - year old Tanya Svirina may retain the brunt not only coins and spoons, but also a cover of toaster. A magnetic boy Kohl Tenkaev from Saratov can be worn his body irons. 12-year old Anna Zvereva from Novosibirsk has the ability to attract objects of varying severity, not only palms, feet and legs. Kristina ten-year Gyularyan from Moscow Queen "suspend" his palm, not only metal objects, but thick logs. According to the scientists working on biomagnetizma, the number of children with "magnetic" abilities, the recent increase in the times. Whereas previously isolated cases were known, now has hundreds of them. The most real "child magnet boom" occurred in mid-90 - x. Scientists do not explain this phenomenon in the force, as indeed, and much more of what is happening with modern children. And even doctors can diagnose and offensive put. "Children schizophrenia" or gifted? Efroimson studied the biographies of many prominent people. And not only revealed the entire talented family, but also correlation genius with a number of congenital anomalies in the exchange of substances. He believed that the task of education - to find and unleash the talent in children sequins - "stigma". The scientist still many years ago saw the existing pyramid of Education overturned: the main attention should be paid not universities, and Kindergartens. But, it seems, nobody heard a scientist… -- Usually a child to four years reveals 50% of those intellectual abilities, which is destined to emerge - explained Irina Gryaznova, - to six - 70%, and to eight - 90%. But the current ability to manifest kids almost from pelenok. And here the main thing - not too late. The intelligence, creativity - our national wealth. This has long understood the Japanese, who cherish their gifted children and sparing no funds for their education. In Israel has its own efficient system of education of gifted children. In the United States established an effective system of promotion and development of gifts. The children indigo-IQ higher than that of George Bush Who are they, these vunderkindy color violets? Exceptionally gifted boy Pavel Konoplyov was born and raised in Moscow. Pasha was 6 years old, experts revealed when he unusually high intelligence - IQ 169 (at 43 - U.S. President Bush to go IQ - 91). The boy named "sverhodarennym vunderkindom". Then the word "indigo" in our country have been unable to honour. Pasha was only 3 years old when he learned to do in mind Complex calculations and read fluently. Gave with pleasure and fairy tales, and university textbooks. In 6 years old kid saw Mendeleev periodic table and understand its artful. Mal'chishka studied on an individual programme, because in the general school Pasha was "white crow": the first mark, which it brought, was… unit. -- Genialnye personality were at all times and in all civilizations. Mozart, Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh - their typical race prichislyayut to indigo. But the notion of "superintelligence" often mixed with preconceived ideas of paranormal abilities. U indigo marked as prominent manifestations of mental abilities, and skills such as ekstrasensorika, telekinesis and even teleportation. Unfortunately, there is no clear understanding, whether all people with similar talents, can be attributed to indigo. In the event that really opened some genetic differences can be confidently say that we are dealing with a new race of people. And those children who today joined the army of street children should be under constant care: what will be when they grow up? Psychologists have argued that a "UV" children can grow and great artists, and violent thugs, and crazy scientists, easily pereshagivayuschie boundaries of common sense. Indigo is not afraid of anything. To achieve their goal, they do not stop nor than before. For them, there is no bans or authorities. They are made from special dough! In Russia there is no definition of the concept of upbringing and education of children with indigo. In the United States and Canada for several years, there are special centres where reveal indigo. They created special. In Israel, issues indigo oversees government. In France, young people with IQ above 130 could go to study in any prestigious university at government expense. In Moscow the first meeting was held on indigo This autumn 2006, it reduced mainly to the fact that with indigo need to do something. In recent years, the U.S. began to pay attention to frequent riots schoolchildren who knowingly oppose itself around. They hurried to call "children with mental deviations from the norm". Rebels have been treated with psychotropic substances. But then conducted a survey and found that these kids have very high intellect and outstanding abilities. And today, just know that all those children who shoot their comrades in the American and Japanese schools were among the indigo children ... In France, children indigo-called "Teflon" for what it is not adhering to the common rules of conduct. In order that any human body is surrounded by an invisible shell - aura, many scientists now agree. But the color purple aura earlier in the construction of humanity was not. Other iris eyes and proved to have "new" children - she has an unusual form of star. Thus, we can talk about the whole "colonies" indigo children. Definition of "indigo children" entered into use psychologists with light hand American Nancy Ann Tepp, who wrote in 1982 book "How to color helps to better understand your life". Describing the aura of people across the color, it first drew attention to his match to a human temperament. U sangvinikov aura - red, the melanholikov - Blue, a phlegmatic person - white, the holerikov - yellow. And now the children are born with a purple aura of color, color violets. Indigo children have congenital gift of Healing and actively use it, sometimes even without realizing it. They can read other people's as open book, quickly and quietly notice neutralize any, even heavily veiled attempts to manipulate them. -- How do you determine whether your child indigo? Here are the characteristics of "UV children": they are the sustained and vigorous. They have a tremendous intuition, they can take the right decisions. Indigo independent and proud even in humiliating situations for ourselves. They are capable of rage and brutality, if at natykayutsya insurmountable wall of indifference. Some indigo understand the language of plants and birds. And fish, as Bulat Khusainov from Kazan. Problem children U unusual children often have problems at school because they categorically reject authoritarian teaching methods. Indigo often do not hear their teacher. They often happens blocking audialnogo or visual information channel. Argument scientists Scientists with one voice advise educate vunderkindov in Spartan conditions. It is no coincidence in the world's most elite school - college "Iton" in Britain - very strict Spartan conditions of stay.
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