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We are accustomed to think that every man wants to take his wife's "pure and innocent girl." But the statistics suggests something else: more than thirty per cent of modern men virgins hand, and every fifth with defloration serious problems.In the city council in 1507 the French town of Amiens passed a new law: "My husband has no right to share a bed with his wife in the first wedding night without the permission of his Senior before Senior itself not to use a bed with his wife divide their vassal." If such an order came out today or even a hundred, two hundred years ago, human rights and the new husbands would certainly staged a protest march. But in the early 16 century, above the legal act of simple townspeople met with a storm of joy! More than that - the husband-vassal also tried to thank his Senior material for "leader". How to explain this phenomenon? Alberto Gomez, a researcher Middle Ages, argues: all in the cause of superstitions, traditions while among the people. In the old days, when in Europe prospered shamanistic cults, defloration engaged exclusively "specialists". It was believed that only a sorcerer can deprive her innocence without "side effects" like the wrath of the gods and spirits. For instance, the ancient Scandinavian tribes existed the custom. With the onset of darkness before the first wedding night, the wise men in the disposal of virgin forest, is fueling the fire and brought the goddess Frie sacrifice - elk or wild boar. And only after this girl from committing ritual soitie.If sex is not accompanied by a gap of pristine Worthless and bleeding, the victim recognized not adopted. True, allowed a second attempt. Well, if the second "approach" ended in failure, the girl was proclaimed rejected the gods and thereby dooming to perpetual loneliness. Marriage dissolved in such cases, the failed husband and look for a new spouse. In the Middle Ages, the role of the wise men inherited feudal lord, with serfs defloration girls was not only his right but also a sacred duty. French ethnographer Pierre Gordon writes that Counts and Dukes had to defloration a year before hundreds of virgins. Well, if the Senior age is no longer able to perform such feats, its function to assume someone's sons or servants. Right first wedding night and distributed to the monks. For example, canon Lyon Cathedral invited as a city deflorationmens their subjects. Stories known case in which the monks in a monastery Piedmont appealed to the local bishop with a request to save them from such a procedure. The hierarchy has gone and replaced them towards the right the first night compensation defloration cash payment "for friendship." In the Papuan tribe arunto feudal lords and monks and was not mention. All deflorations brunt falls on the shoulders of husbandly friends. Shortly before the wedding, the bridegroom had requested two-three buddies to steal the bride and disrupt red flower her innocence. Those fulfil the wish of Comrade: removed the girl in the forest more often with the help was defloration stone knife, then committed ritual sexual intercourse bride and returned to their parents.Since then, all male tribe can come in her house and "try out" the new woman. Once the flow of willing exhaustive newlyweds played a wedding. Such altruism has flourished in other parts of the globe. French explorer Jacques Marsiro describes the marriage custom of the Marquesas Islands: "A young wife falls, puts his head on her husband's knees. It gives guests a special sign. All men are invited to the wedding, arranged in a conversation tunes, and in turn, in order of seniority commit sexual intercourse with the newlyweds. " Similar ritual existed among Australian Aborigines. And living in Papua Dani tribe, and in Central Africa. But some peoples of Siberia and the extreme north have been taken to invite defloration "Other" - the representative of another ethnic group. And such hospitality was purely selfish reasons: it was believed that together with the blood of a virgin Disembogue anger at the man ancestors. And if the ceremony holds "Other", and he takes the fire themselves!Many people committed defloration women - usually the oldest representative of the genus, and sorcerer. In the course they went wide variety of handy tools. For example, the sorcerer from the Central African tribe mbotu denied the "sacrifice" innocence acute needle made from the bones of any animal. In the Philippines, parents are invited "defloration womens", when the daughter does not perform more and ten. A smudge from the African tribe girls often forgives with the innocent already four to five years. Sometimes as parents spoke deflorationmens virgin. Eighteen months hundreds of years ago there was the custom in Peru, where the mother has publicly denies virginity his daughter. And among the Malay and ending batt tribe living on the island of Sumatra, the right of first wedding night belonged to the father. I must say that not always and not everywhere girl needed defloration. Polish sexologist S. Kinessa writes that in some social and religious segments of India, Brazil and Chile did not exist the concept of "virginity". Mothers so carefully to urge their daughters that destroys Worthless virginity at an early age. And if a girl maintain virginity before marriage and defloration was forced to commit a man to be that bride badly brought up: it, saying, not in compliance with the rules of personal hygiene and dirty grew. click here
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