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Fear of virginity.

Why do many men prefer not to communicate with virgins? Sexologs and psychoanalysts believe that the fault fact - in the subconscious fear of cross through the historic taboos. Indeed, among primitive peoples defloration rituals were held strictly by the rules, with lots of any precautions. The father of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud believed that such "art" is due to fear of blood: the ancient people believed that the blood is the soul of man, and any phlebotomy perceived as a partial loss of the soul. Therefore, there was taboo for blood - a sort of protective measure against primitive bloodthirsty. And when modern man feels fear before the first wedding night, it told genes distant ancestors, the parties defloration result of the ban on phlebotomy. Another reason (fear of a virgin) - subconsciously fear of the unknown. According to psychoanalysis, all new and unknown causes of human concerns for their health. A procedure defloration, according to Freud - is quintessence of new beginnings. Naturally, the "pioneers" it inspires some fear. But the main background fear of virginity - men feared to inflict pain and cause a girl hostile attitude. According to Freud, the man is afraid that the girl wants to avenge him for "offense". Here, in a strong sex representatives said subconsciously be neutered for fear of "improper" behaviour. Conquer these fears, our ancestors defloration shifted to the shoulders of powerful shamans, priestesses and trusted friends - and then themselves were laid track. In our time, such a "division of labour" does not exist. So it had to act independently.Following Testament ancestors, assigned to the first night of marriage seriously and responsibly. To do this, remember a few simple rules: 1. Sexual act with a virgin can start only after a long prelude. When defloration affection - a kind of "anaesthesia", and better than they are, so will be a painless procedure. " Well, better anesthesia, of course, will orgasm. To bring to a partner, you must pay attention to its most directly clitoris. In the first wedding night, most women do not suffer vaginal orgasm - but clitoris leave your partner generally positive impression of first sexual experience. 2. During the Dutch love cautiously back virginity Worthless finger - that would facilitate the "operation". 3. Now to defloration only after the vagina to become moist and partner increase. Log into it quick, sure trigger - but by no means dramatic. 4. During the first sexual intercourse girl should bend the legs at the knees. If you keep legs extended, the gap will Worthless sharp and painful. 5. Be extremely gentle with the girl, said to her that something tender, pleasant. Worth to include lighter, melodic music. All this will help relax your partner, rasseet her fears. Your tender attitude is important also because any rudeness or indifference of her psyche could cause serious injuries caused by a persistent aversion to sex and even make her frigid. Decide on defloration, remember: you is directly responsible for the fate of women, even if your path will depart after that night. 6. Proceed very confidently and firmly: fussiness fluctuations and make your first wedding night, girls in this torture. And it threatens her complex sexual neuroses. Therefore defloration may hold only a pilot and, most importantly - self-confidence man. If you are in fear or doubt in their power to better abstain from "procedures". 7. After completing his "mission", embrace girlfriend, to caress, saying her gentle words. At this moment it is vital your attention and care. The wise step - immediately after the landmark event to arrange festive dinner in bed.Portrait of an ideal deflorationmen. His amounted to U.S. sexology set on the basis of psychological tests and interviews. This is a man about 32 years; sufficiently experienced and temptations of sex; independent in life; relating to sexually-psychological type of "man-father" well brought up, with high intellectual ability, humble and diligent in dealing with a woman; sexual altruists: his primary task - to deliver the pleasure a woman, and then the very experience sexual satisfaction, well-folded; pay great attention to bed oral-genital weasel; calm, aware and brief; able resolve the conflict; dedicated; having a good sense of humor. click here
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