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The theory of sexual selection. How do you evaluate women

In contrast to the evolution of abstract, brutal sex selection we are seeing every day. That's pretty blond went past and did not even reply to your greeting. A girl in a bar sniff, when you tried to give a treat its beer. You think every case to the beer? Not at all, you simply failed sexual selection. And so, you have to continue with the women all was well, tell - in the first and last time.

In contrast to the strong muscles and fast feet, such qualities as splendid peacocks and a long tail, seemingly quite useless in the struggle for existence. Why is their evolution has retained and even contributes to development? Responding to this question, Darwin suggested that teams in animals of different sex selection occurs on specific "sexually attractive" grounds.In such females are trying to select a team of the best and most attractive future father, and males compete with each other, trying to draw the attention of females. The longer the peacock's tail, the more chances he likes females. The same story with a deer horns and face with a necktie and a person.

Many years later, when the genes have already been discovered, biologists have confirmed the idea of Darwin: female descendant invest in more costly than males, so they are more interested in one, but "good" father. A peacock learns media as the best genes? At the tail, of course! CONCLUSION: women admired only the best - even if it is absolutely the best useless from a practical point of view. The main thing is that you have to start as a stand out from the crowd. The votes hair, tenacity. Or at least a jacket.

Many typical female character traits, according to scientists anthropologists, have a biological cause is understandable. They endured in an us from our ancestors-monkeys, and millions of years of evolution have not been able to change the "protection" in our brains program behaviour. Girls love swings. Take girlfriend in the amusement park, and she will choose either carousels or swings - short, the attractions associated with the sensation of flight. The passion for this kind of entertainment we inherited from the distant ancestors - monkeys, which, at the hands of swing, flew for hours with branches at the branch.

Cub monkeys spend the first months of life on the body of my mother, clutch fingers in her hair. Therefore, many women like to sleep, squeeze in the hands of soft toys. When people grope and warm wool, in the brain automatically gets reassurance program. Incidentally, this is why many women like to knit. During ovulation, all female monkeys experiencing arousal and cravings for increased communication. They run from one member to another flock, looking the most suitable male. If there is no male, it's not a problem and talk with female - maybe even girlfriend tell where to hide all these two guys. And although ovulation among human beings less visible passion for communication and gossips still remained.

If young monkeys take away from the mother, baby in horror grasp of wool - but already his own. People in a state of despair, but for lack of wool, are beginning to tear at their hair themselves. And many women, experiencing stress, go to the hairdresser - so that sub-hand shabby hairstyle. It is from a hike in the hairdresser some ladies are beginning a new life - to drop out of work, husband or let all serious. Instinct - can you do nothing. Sexual lips chimpanzee in a state of ovulation fill with blood and become bright red. But the monkeys sometimes think that kind of her genitalia little attracts males, and she begins to protrude their normal lips. Then too, all males immediately pay attention to the ready-to-female fertilization.

Females chimpanzee changing sexual partners several times a day. And each time before pairing males come into ritual battle for the right to possession of females - is instinct. Exactly the same instinct works and females - man-chimps must prove their right to insemination. And though now people have no need for every sexual act to beat opponent to face, the head women are still running "test - sex". And if there is no decent opponent, then let in another proving their love. Well, for instance, would let the tea. No, not with lemon, but with jam. And not with strawberry, but with bilberry. Or you do not love me?

Biologists have determined that in the process of sexual selection 80% of females of all species choose their same male - that is just a "spy", who picked neighbour. Swedish and Finnish biologists have put the experiment on the hen: done stuffed birds and move them from one black to another. Living hen that while present, have shown a clear interest it is to those who are surrounded by female attention.

The same reaction and a weak human sex. What do you think would do in the first place any woman coming to the party? It will examine not men and women to learn - what a man is the most attractive? 're Still the one that overshadowed her? And if there is such a woman starts nervous and simply jealous: how so? Attention, its rightful receives another! Consequently, all objects of attention from the need to discourage rival. CONCLUSION: surrounding themselves "stuffed" women. The emerging everywhere and always surrounded by beautiful sex (let them be relatives, colleagues at work or simply friends). Very soon you'll see that in your surroundings, new copies. Nobody likes to single men - any decides that the time it refused to everyone else, then it he did not seem especially and unnecessary. click here
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