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When you are ready to begin sexual life?

There is no strict age or physiological framework. You can begin when the person is ready for this. Preparedness means the psychological and information. Psychologically, you should want this, and want it with that person, now, it is available today in terms of his own will to want to, not feeling any sacrifice on its part. Information you must know in detail especially female and male anatomy, physiology, methods of contraception and sexually transmitted infections, how emergency contraception in the event of unforeseen circumstances, doctors have the coordinates, which can be at any time to ask for help and not be afraid That he does not take you seriously, slang and tell all parents.

You should know not just in theory about contraceptive methods, but also have contraceptives with them and be able to use them, and take for himself for life principle - take care of themselves. Your protection - it is your own business, not the cause of your partner, even if it is experienced and promises to take care of everything you and you believe him throughout - do not let anybody be responsible for your life and health, except themselves - anybody else handles with such a burden, and pay for it - only you and your future child. You should permanently forget about the so-called calendar method, calculating the safe days, interrupted intercourse and safe sex life during menstruation. All these myths, worthy of only one - to have forgotten about them forever. Also, you should know about how to diagnose pregnancy at an early time period and how it interrupts the real, not mythical. You have to exclude such a source of information, advice and experience as girlfriends, mothers or partner, forums on the Internet, articles in popular magazines, movies - all these myths and rumours exchange between dilettante, reliable information can come only from professional sources. You must be a place where you can safely meet, do not fear anything, and where the available means of hygiene. You must be money to buy contraceptives and pay visits to the doctor and possible treatment. You have to consider in detail the relationship with their parents about this topic: what and when you tell them not to live in constant fear - learn / kill and do not lie.

The first time is remembered for life. Not only conscious memory, but unconsciously - it is the first experience, which meets the body, and he writes on his white sheet as an example, which then compares all the rest. First time can determine your understanding of the norm for life, is like New Year's - as found, and so can hold: therefore try to perfect it was, do not let random gusts to spoil the happiness of the future. You must love and feel loved. You should not deal with them and to ourselves. And you must ask ourselves one hundred times - WHY you want .. and want to do. You must be confident and feel their dignity. If you hesitate - it means too early. And no matter how many years you When NOT to start?

Blackmail. 'If you love - prove'. Love never does not prove in bed - and does not require evidence, it is - a way of life, rather than a set of actions-proof. If you feel you must prove your love, then you do not believe in it. You are free people and are not obliged to prove anything to anyone - you just as you are - and another can pretend not to become. And if someone is not satisfied, then will not hold further, and you will never be free from this man. If you surrender to blackmail and 'prove', you just voluntarily give themselves to use - and you just from that in the first place will then bad - from what themselves afford to lose its dignity and to love - and even accuse certain. The victim. 'I want to give him the dearest thing that he realized as I love him'. This is the same as the first option, only even more twisted idea of love. Love has nothing in common with the victim - this feeling, which can only free people, ready in others recognize and respect freedom. Therefore, he did not insist - he respects your freedom and waits until you're ready and made their free choice, without the victims themselves not responsible to him. Evaluate whether it nobility and be worthy of their partner. Take responsibility - do not commit acts sacrificing for someone, but because you want for yourself. If you do not want - did not commit. Understand that he will not be happy on your victims, after which necessarily comes disappointment, regret and recriminations in ingratitude. Do not humiliate their love of evidence, their willingness to wait.

If you believe proof of his love home, its essential criterion, its mortgage, your responsibility towards the beloved, to test your loyalty, you expected from the victim on the altar of love and other similar thoughts's in your head:. You would have waited - but you expect any material reinforcements your words - wait! You are not ready yet. Age. 'The time has come'. This argument is not worthy of lengthy discussion. Readiness does not depend on the calendar age. Why do you keep themselves up to such a venerable, as you now think age? To the same doubts as before - did go against itself? You are doing this to place a checkmark in front of a critical year? You no longer little girl, once so worried about their age - it means you already have the ability to imagine - and that will then, after this desperate step? Something really changed for the better? Or you then long nights to communicate with their inner voice and justified? If you are doing it because you 'are already so many years', but still something lacking in life - learn to love. With this skill will come and this willingness and a decent facility.

Self. 'I am already an adult, and this - main occupation adults'. A typical feature of child - to imitate adults, not understanding the essence of deeds. Examples maminy shoes, although they crappy inconvenient to walk - why it is: because adult. Pronounce 'adults' words, although himself wants to silence ears: Try to smoke, drink, and then tortures, then conquer his disgust and to continue - and I am worse than adults. And let me be bad, and I will let the ridiculous in their children's attempts to imitate, and let me all this really does not want. But that agreement. Teenager must rebel and do everything spite. It should be different from a child - adults should finally see that the teenager - it is NOT CHILD, as an adult. A typical child sees adults line - to try everything that is unknown and in his own copy of their adult behavior. They always melt this point, and now they have it melt on the margins of consciousness, because the first course - their concern for your health, as in childhood, with your games with glass and fire. But apart from these experiences still remaining thought - this is not - 'as he's got much more mature since then', and 'what is he still funny child, and I thought something - it was already an adult'. That's true. Keep this in mind just in case, when you have to do something to prove his consistency. Consistency, independence, freedom, self-esteem, responsibility - all signs of an adult, not dependent on his calendar age. And like all true values, they do not require evidence, they are obvious! And if you think that surrounding do not recognize them for you - it means they simply do not exist! Do not bend their lives, dream up evidence - loans self, it is much faster proves all your moving into adulthood.

Unfortunately, sexuality everyone correct its own mistakes, myself - and my mother would be happy to move all your suffering themselves, but will not be able! Sexually treat you, you do abortion, infertility, after you treat abortion. You are adult enough and ready for such tests? Or may be worth waiting with such self-determination and return to good old-type escapades causing hair and loud music? This will be the only ranch, rather than dramatic - evidence of your childhood. click here
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