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Man-virgin: how to cope with the problem?

The man, who did not previously engage in intimate relationship with a woman - not a myth and not fairy tale. That reality may not commonplace, habitual us, but nevertheless one can only sympathize with a woman who would face such a "surprise". What is the complexity of the situation and with such difficulties facing such a woman?

Problems first wedding night (in all its forms) in terms of women, in contrast to the problems of first sex by men, described numerous psychologists, gynaecologists, educators. Meanwhile, almost 70% of boys first sexual contact has been with complications. If Man-virgin partner has some experience, it might help him in the event of difficulty. And if she is as helpless as her first man? All may end trauma (physical or mental) or deep disappointment and partner, and in the process of rapprochement. This happens, and unfortunately not so rare, as they would have liked.

According to the upbringing, the man in bed to be active. And it became public opinion. And a man preparing to be an active, but because of a lack of experience does not always correctly directs and distributes this activity. Waiting and excite expectancy, so even before the contact, it is possible the rapid ejaculation. Sex life of most men beginning in fairly young age, when the level of sex hormones, and hence the attraction, they are rather high. While not all will receive "correctly", men have made several attempts. So generated a certain stereotype of sexual conduct directed at achieving a timely initiation and receipt meet partners. According to some data, from the first attempt to really managed to rapprochement among men who usually goes a long time (up to six months).

Actually the term "old maiden" (relatively to both sexes) was somewhat suspect - what is it (he) before their 30 (or more) years, nobody has found? But if a woman as more passive side can still refer to the fact that no one does not marry, the man has no such excuses. So, what guys remain in the Man-virgin?

Men with low levels of sex hormones and sexual attraction: a small growth, childish, with sparse hair, too full. They are not drawn to women, they expressed little need for intimate relationships, even though intelligence from these men could be brilliant and they have no shortage of women friends.Men who dominated in the nature of closure, cubicles of people, inability to learn. Such features are often the innate nature.

Often excessive parental guardianship gives the boy, then boys timidity, uncertainty in itself. A habit every shift on the shoulders of mothers, not incapable or unwilling to adapt teenage boy to a new type of communication - erotic - has resulted in the future man begins to fear uncertainty associated with the opposite sex, thus avoiding contact.

Virgin-romantics who want to "save himself" for the sole, whose name is unknown so far. In search of the mythical ideal man runs past the women's appearance or behavior who want to inch does not coincide with invented a way.

But whatever the reasons for the protracted innocence, with the age problem is compounded by. The level of sex hormones, which are 17-20 years old literally forced the young man and yet again close to women, after 25-27 years begins to decline. Decreases in posture to close, harder to develop specific communication skills. It habits lonely life, smooth severity of experiences: "I do not like all", herd mates married, but finding a common language with younger women - still a big problem. Male or departs from contact with women, limited to the minimum socializing at work and at home, either adapting to the level of some blameless friendship, which sometimes does not require women seeking greater proximity.

For women trying to have intimate relations with the Man-virgin, the novel can have a significant nightmare. She will play a leading role, gently press for each step forward in relations, which could be intimidating man. It should be ready for what in the most intimate moment such a man cover habitual panic or at least habitual timidity: suddenly, he leaves a bed of love under the pretext minimal or no pretext. If Man-virgin and will be able to bring to the proximity, it is likely that does not work. Mass effort will be needed to prevent a man fall into despair and force him to repeat his feat until sexual contact will not be successful.

In short, Man-virgin - "beast" rare and difficult. "Hunting" to it by forces far from each woman. But who knows, could be established tandem will cost everyone else? click here
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