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Treason is useful

How much nor talk about treason, and all the little. It seems as there are men and women, the topic never exhausted until the end. Ironically struggled with this scourge of mankind: even in relatively mild (in this sense) from pagan times treasonmen been quite tough, adultery and remains favourite sin of mankind.

It is painful treason, recently more and more often people refer to it as an inevitable evil. Almost 90 per cent of women (as they usually become victims of infidelity), recognize that without this there is no single family. Yes men are already in private conversations, talking about their relationship, not doing the type of honour innocence. However, psychologists offer to go even further and to recognize treason not only inevitable but useful (in some cases). As can be considered treason useful? But the center of family planning specialists are convinced that some families not be extended and, if it were not for treason one of the spouses. Of course, this does not deal with unique individuals, for whom treason something akin to another hike in the toilet. Here, any psychologist confidently say: this man is not ready for family life, and therefore the talk about his loyalty is not worth it.

But you for a period of 7 years there has been a happy family life, his girlfriend, and suddenly learns that her husband brought a mistress ... Here is what to think. The more so that in this situation uncomfortable feeling not only women but also men. What pushes our precious half to act, which he then still long will spare? First, the inevitable family crises. They currently have at least 3. The first occurs in their third year of living together. The fact is that the brightest feelings, which we usually call the love lasts no longer than 2 years. Then all set, unabated, the relations are moving in a new form, perhaps even more delicate and sincere than the old. But to accept the silence that came to replace the storms, could not immediately each. And boys and girls begin to doubt, and whether love, or they just have an all this. There underlying discontent and a partner, wants something urgently to change. Here and there appears mistress, a new and unusual ...

Roughly the same is done by 7 year marriage. Some couples live with ease through the first crisis (especially in this period if there are children), but are at a standstill for the second time. However, the heaviest is the third crisis, which is 17-20 years. The children grew up and fled. Parents finally could breathe with relief, and engage themselves. But here is where it appears that run the most secret dreams too late. Age, you know it. Women are beginning a closer look in the mirror, coming in horror from the deep wrinkles. And everyone wants to comfort or prove to yourself and others that are still ahead. Aging nobody wants. Divorce is rarely the result of the crisis becomes "middle-aged families, but spouses often begin to completely separate lives in one apartment. Sometimes people so there until the end of life.

And in all these cases, treason becomes useful, especially for men. What do if better way to believe in itself and our own forces, men can not find centuries. But for women and infidelity lover - that's not the end of the world. Especially if it instead hysterics scandals and think about what happened. After all, vanity often in everyday life we stopped to monitor themselves, to tell her husband a few gentle words, and in general, give it a little attention. And he needs in this way! Treason also makes smart woman go in themselves, because there is no way that all of trouble was to blame only one side. Incidentally, even if you know exactly what happened, psychologists are advised not to arrange "conversation on souls." Better pretend that nothing has happened, but instead of ascertaining the relationship to show its halves that all what he was looking on the side, there are homes and even better than he thought. click here
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