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Orgasm - most importantly

Orgasm - the culmination of sexual pleasure. All seem to agree, but rumors around this topic is not burning rage. Actually it is translated from the Greek "orgasm" means "burn of passion".

Without orgasm no pleasure. This can and should be debatable. According to studies, 21% of women from time to time do not reach orgasm. But they sure: to engage in love can be a pleasure and without "the final chord". The other case, in principle, if a woman does not achieve orgasm. But there is not upset: the ability to reach a climax - is not innate quality. This may well be to learn through careful partner. Also useful will seek advice from a specialist.

During a sexual act is possible only one orgasm. The good news: theoretically, all women capable of multiorgazm. Unlike men, they really could experience slightly orgasm row. True, it does not mean that all of this too aspire. No problem will not happen if you, damn all the theory, take a pause for 15 minutes, and then again "thrown into battle".

It has been proved: point G there. For the past 50 years as the opening of Ernest Grafenberg circling… head. Hundreds of studies have focused on this topic, but all lacked conclusive scientific evidence. Why not just talking about the point G! What she size from 1 ruble that her pain stimulation gives effect that some women it is, while the other - no. According to some scholars, point G - the biggest myth in the history of gynecology! In short, its very existence is still a point of controversy ... Yes, say some commentators, there is little erogenous zone on the front wall of vagina: it is located along the urethra, near the bladder, a few centimeters from the vulval. In general, as it found, no one does not know exactly. Therefore, if you have not found it yet - no panic! Incidentally, there is a woman whose entire front wall is Cripple erogenous. But all correctly received by those who are looking for that magical point by tireless training and incidentally feels wonderful orgasm!

Vaginal orgasm stronger clitoris.Vaginal, clitoris, vaginal-clitoris, Womb… Specialists believe that there is only one type of orgasm - one that comes from the head. Need proof? Please! Recall that happens sexual response and without touching, such as in a dream. Of course, some women experienced orgasm through the clitoris, others need penetration, and someone - only anal sex. Do some more fun than others? In this regard, there is no scientific evidence.

The longer the better.The most admirable confusing! (Interestingly, someone holds a stopwatch on the bedside table at the bed?) Sex - it does not run on a long or short distance, and time - not the main indicator of quality. The main thing that is needed to achieve orgasm, - a special mood. That is, if our head is set to the desired Giant and we know their body, the discharge may come fairly quickly. And 10 seconds is enough to get unearthly pleasure.

Simultaneous orgasm better.Yes, 56% of women in this conviction. But at the moment of orgasm people are so heavily concentrated on his own feelings that, frankly, does not notice what is happening with a partner. And what, in general, the difference as to survive the minute "sudden loneliness" - simultaneously or one by one? While no secret that many couples consider simultaneous orgasm testimony to a special spiritual closeness. But if you need to do put special effort (or, worse, to experience too), then, parole, trip to the cinema, followed by discussion may well be seen to assume the role of "amplifier" your spiritual closeness. click here
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