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She fear of sex

One, my girlfriend constantly suffers setbacks in his personal life. It is quite attractive, many men would like it closer relations. And she was in love with some of them. But hardly anyone of them tried to kiss her, she immediately raised revulsion, and she refused further development of relations. And, for bedding scenes, for example, in films, she observes with obvious pleasure. But when it comes to real life, she just can not imagine that it is love. Even with a man who truly likes her, even in fantasies with some well-known actor, nor with whom. She was about thirty, but not something that family, and even have a decent novel she had never produced. From time to time she calls me on the phone, tells about another failure and with tears in the voice asked why this is happening with it, whether it was normal.

The question "Are all the fine with me?" - Probably the most frequently asked question when it comes to sex. Very many people occasionally feel that maybe they were not everything is fine - that they feel that they like or dislike in sex. Forget the "normality"! The fact that normal for you may not be quite normal for the other, and vice versa. And in this there is nothing terrible. Although sometimes the situation is, indeed, can cause discomfort and badly affect the personal life, as is the case with my girlfriend. And then one must look for a way out.

Such fear of entry into sexual relationships called intimofoby. This is not a disease, and the state of relations with other people. And if men intimofoby most often manifests itself in fear of not sexual, and intimate, in terms very close, trusting, long-term emotional relationship with regular sexual partner, the women usually intimofoby expressed in fear of it sexual relations.

Reasons intimofoby can be quite a large number of factors - social, psychological, sexual. Putting an end to the disease itself is very difficult, especially in difficult cases need help psychotherapist, long painstaking work with the patient and serious analysis of all his previous life. Indeed, the roots intimofoby usually laid back in early childhood. Psychologists increasingly seen as intimofoby character pathology caused by upbringing alone, unbalanced mother. Mother his unpredictable behavior has formed with his child in disbelief predictability conduct of another person, so he does not trust anyone and neither is trying neither of whom do not depend. Psychiatrists believe intimofoby consequence of some mental illness in which there are emotional and strong-willed violations.

Intimofobymans may be even stronger and self-confidence with the type of men. Incidentally, it is possible that the legendary Casanova and suffered from intimofoby. It is this malaise, and not rampant sexual appetite forced to change its partners, such as gloves. Any man simply afraid to be rejected. The man, suffering intimofoby, few believe in loyalty and friendship, and very many of its incomprehensible, in your opinion, it is deeds connected with this, so that it insured against possible failures. And then he tells you: "You know me so many times in life betrayed that I simply can not trust anyone until the end, even for you".

Women now intimofoby suffer even more men. Many well-earned, well stand in the legs, so there is no need to men as breadwinners. Much more convenient to have such a ladies "bogus" friends. Many single women seeking to "give birth to themselves", believing that they have enough forces and means to educate the child. But, despite the best efforts of mother, child in danger of single-parent families receive one-sided education.

Already confirmed science and statistics that if a single woman born daughter, then she risks in the future to repeat the fate of the mother. From childhood your child better grasp certain stage of life and behaviour: for example, that the family should be dad and mom, allocation of responsibilities, caring, etc. If not, a girl can grow with the firm conviction: "If my mother was able to do without her husband, then he and I to anything." In addition, an enormous influence on the younger girl has a relevance to her father or step-father. Nitpicking father can make the girl in misandrist. Having experienced in childhood humiliating treatment by the very close person, the girl firmly learning that from other men can expect the same, and therefore do better without them! click here
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