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The number of pregnancies among adolescents.

In 2006, in Chicago were born 10 children from 14 - year old girls and 50 of 15-year old girls. However, experts believe that in fact these indicators in times higher. In doing so, in Chicago, several thousand girls under 15 years of doing abortions. Each year the number of pregnancies among adolescents just growing. Experts link this to the lack of a common culture of sex education.

According to official statistics in 2006 in Chicago were born 10 children from 14 - year old mothers. In addition, there were 205 births 16 - year old girls and 17 among 573 - summer. But in practice, alas, those figures even higher. "I believe that in fact last year in Chicago was born about 50 children from 14 - year old mother and at least 100 from 15 - year - said the chairman of the NGO" Women and information "Dr. McCimanz. -- The number of early pregnancies is growing steadily ".

According to the chairman of the Center of assistance to minors each year in Chicago recorded about 10 thousand pregnancies among minors. That 10-15% of the total number of women preparing to become mothers. This is an extremely negative impact both on themselves births, and in babies, say doctors.

"Of course, there are some possible complications during childbirth in such an early age - told the chairman of the Center of assistance to minors. -- No more dangerous for girls psychological side childbirth. After all, a teenager was no longer able to play with friends or do what is right, because even a child herself. When she gave birth, simply obliged to grow up and take responsibility for themselves and for the child, thus depriving themselves of childhood. Many girls who give birth at this age, still have not grown up, so it is difficult to concentrate entirely on the child, they want themselves to run and play, not sit at home and deal with a child ".

Only an overwhelming number of teenagers are handled on abortion. Each year, nearly 1 thousand 14 - year old girls interrupt pregnancy. Their psychological state is no better than those who did decided to give birth. "As a psychologist, I face not only teenage mothers, but also with the girls having to tender age of horrendous illness as a result of early sexual activity, - said psychologist center. -- Many of these girls in general will never be able to give birth. This is indeed a terrible sight ".

Experts agree that the root of the problem - in the upbringing of children. "Many parents still live by the moral principles that were in effect during their youth, - said psychologist center. -- But then was a different life. Now the youth has much to unchain themselves and need to educate children on the basis of the current situation. We need to explain to girls that this child's upbringing, how to care for them. Then they will realize how hard it is and would not rush to become a mother. To educate children need at school. Such programmes have already tried to enter, but then actively against them were made by priests and parents. But only get worse. Not coincidentally say: informed - it means is armed ".
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Sexual illiteracy - the main difference of our teenagers. Young people quickly adopted the overseas trend towards early sexual relations, but not totally reflect on the implications. "Teenagers pregnancy arises because we have no culture of public sex education, - said psychologist center. -- Take, for example, Sweden: a country is considered the motherland of sexual revolution. Sex - are common among Swedish youth. Sex life there very early beginning. But while there were no abortions. They are simply prohibited. Adolescents are literate enough in sexual matters and know how to protect. The U.S. has the same place total sexual ignorance ".
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