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Mistakes first wedding night

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The first contact with new partner often brings disappointment. Sexual Association estimated: only 47 percent finish the night of love relationships. Experts advise how to behave, not that the first night was the last.Increased demands on the partner or to themselves. Men are afraid to foul up and try to extend sexual intercourse longer. Women portray themselves from Messalina out of fear that they deem frigid.

Disappointment. In their fantasies man brings the woman to multiple orgasm. And so it happens - with a constant, habitual partner. But with a new girlfriend lover so afraid to disappoint her, that starts to experience before time. Anxiety directly affects erection. The result - misfire. Women, too easy - often, to worry a lot, they can not relax. And because the new partner does not know what "buttons" you need to press, a lady does not receive the full pleasure. The effects - the gap relations.-- The longer the delay sexual contact, the stronger the partners played fantasy - argues psychologist. -- Naturally, we think that under it will be steeper and sex. Everyone expects another something supernatural, and produced medium.

Hurry do not need. Psychologists estimate that fall perfectly into the bed after five visits. The more partners know each other, so they will be comfortable in bed. And should not make excessive demands. It must be understood that if more concerted practices, it would be better sex. And still less do not need to show their displeasure. If misfire occurred, a woman should not sharpen its attention to the person dissatisfied and disappointed suspire. The next time everything will turn out. Men also need to behave less rapidly. Remember: women do not like the constant change of items. Orgasm - a thin piece, so you can pleasure "shoot down" a change of pace or position.

-- For many people, sex - this expression of love. -- They do not take into account that other people may think differently. Typically, women tend to romanticize us. They believe that after sex, especially if he was magnificent, partner simply obliged to show heightened concern. But men often fearfulness. They need time to understand their feelings and emotions. Usually they did not name Enchantresses immediately after sex to the wedding. It is not like any infringement on freedom. In general, everything depends on the seriousness of the relationship between human beings. You do not need to think that the partner applies to you just as you will be attending. The sentiments in any event will be the test of time.

Partners can not meet each other fully. Naturally, frustration and irritation. A few arise after such sex desire to try to lie in bed again.-- This usually occurs for two reasons: partners enjoy a hurry or simply not too interested in sex. -- In the excitement meet not only the main erogenous zone, located directly on the sexual organs. Impacting on them quickly, forgetting about other centers of pleasure, you will get a purely mechanical excitation, but not emotional.

Both men and women saw such inattention to itself as an affront. The second wants to seize the moment, in order to snatch his quickly. Therefore, you need to pay a prelude decent time - not a few tens of seconds, and at least ten minutes. At the same time an opportunity to find where is your partner lie erogenous zones, which are known to have different people may find themselves in quite unexpected places. Do not be afraid to ask leading questions, otherwise not have enough time for the key.

Sexual harmony comes only after ten sexual acts - calculated French physiologist. During this period can be good to explore each other's erogenous zone and not be afraid to disappoint partner in their abilities.
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