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X-Men: myth or reality?

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Stupid to deny that science can not yet explain. Maybe we are still not well studied the world around us, to say with 100% certainty that there is to be, and that - no.In 1999, the boy was born in Germany, at first glance, no different from other children. Nurses noticed only that the baby muscles heavily curtailed. They were too advanced for his age week. A four-year-old boy could raise the age thing is six times heavier than that which can be a normal child. How then could happen that a newborn gained muscle mass in record time? Perhaps farmers who for years used a similar gene mutation to grow special, muscular breeds of cattle. Unknown just what will happen with this child in the future. To date had not yet conducted any studies on gene mutation, which is responsible for intensive development of muscles. Therefore, the health and future of this boy - mystery, covered with darkness.Sonar - a new long-term in science. Even 150 years ago met people that can see objects without the aid of eyes. Today, there is an organization called World Access, which teaches blind people how to sonar. But this complex science alone is not everything. Yes, and who hardly left it farther Ben Undervuda. When Ben was 2 years, he put terrible diagnosis: cancer retina. In three eyes removed him. His life could become a real nightmare if the five years he has not learned to recognize objects, making quick click languages. He is so successful in their classes, which can now go to skateboard and play basketball.9-year old Michael Lotito once cool Hotbed parents ate TV. A year later, Lotito was entertain people for money, then go bicycles, the metal containers. Supernatural opportunities are not to have metal, glass or poisonous items. It is necessary not only to die after such a meal, but also successfully to digest everything. This, incidentally, Lotito copes at hurrah. He now has an adult man. A Guinness Book of Records Michael came for the fact that ate an airplane. He ate it during the entire two years, using an airplane for about kg per day. The last X-ray showed that the body Lotito still have pieces of metal, and often it is not yet before the end of the chain to digest. Michael had not yet died only because the wall of his stomach two times thicker than the average person.Already more than 20 years scientists struggling over clue abilities of Buddhist monks. Using a special kind of meditation, Tum-mo, Buddhist monks may deliberately lower your metabolism up to 64%. For comparison: Your metabolism can lower by only 10-15%, and then when you sleep. Among other magical qualities, monks can raise body temperature at 17 ยบ! Today, researchers dream of obtaining the secrets of Buddhist monks, to subsequently use them for training astronauts. But the monks have not surrender. Former konferanse and circus artiste, Tim Kridland once amused hall that swallow shpage, walked on hot coals and lying on nails. He claims that learned to conquer pain, not paying attention to it. Scientists have only bred hands: Tim feels and temperature, and touch. A so-called immune to pain can be explained only gene mutation. However, as always… Previously, it aspires to God, the Christ, and now has nods in the direction of gene…Masutatsu Oyama was born in 1927 in Korea a few years later he moved with his parents to Japan. There Masutatsu began to study karate. He was not ordinary fighter, he went on another path. Masutatsu in front of crowds fought with the bulls. He killed animals bare hands. Total for their lives Oyama killed 52 bull. Three, he cut down with one punch, and the remaining 49 died in excessive flour. Based on the stories of his life had been withdrawn 3 film, a nickname Hand of God he has received from fellow citizens.
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