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So what must be a woman?

To understand the modern woman is not as hard as it likes to complain men. To do this, do not necessarily look her in the head, in soul or in a cupboard in search of clue her secret desires and lust. Just look at the Women's Forum and thumb through topics. The topics to be discussed actively, better than serious sociological studies show that really care about women today. So what is it? Career, family, or a beautiful figure?Figures statistics search queries and popular discussions so eloquent in themselves. Here's how looks rough scale values of modern women, based on data of several popular women's publications and forums.

  • Slimming 40.5%.Not so long ago, with his manipulation face, figure and the body considered a matter of personal, intimate and with whom either were not discussed. Neither with the girlfriend or with a colleague, nor, with her husband. Today is the most popular topic. The truth is that more and more slimming and denounced uncontrolled promotes healthy eating and lifestyles, but this is all being discussed with the same enthusiasm and dust, and that ...

  • Relations 22%.This topic is old as the world. Love, jealousy, betrayal, loss ... But if before (even by the way, in the past twentieth century) emotions and passions boils mainly in the soul, or in literature and art, giving mankind immortal masterpieces of art and thought, but today they do not always stormy and net flow of human passions lead us in mainly media and the Internet. Women still intoxicated with reading with the personal lives of famous people as well as "mere mortals", but discussing and his family and intimate life, and others', is already public expression of feelings and emotions.

  • The beauty of 11%.Today this issue, above all, the external beauty, but nothing about the mental, although women and put it, of course, above. We love to talk about efforts to change for the better if not peace, at least its appearance imperfect, but acknowledge that vanity is not a small part of our time and money. We want to like. It is simply necessary. Moreover, the mass media, advertising and cosmetics company assentation echo and easily lured decisions. What, are you still single? All the case to the hair! Buy a new shampoo - happiness itself and you will fall right into their hands. And women tirelessly searching for a magic tool that will make them beautiful and, consequently, happier.

  • Pregnancy 10%.This is a bit surprising, but a happy period, exciting expectations and prepare for the emergence of baby care about women more than the result. At that time, women only care about their mental state, feeling, "inner life" and future deliveries. Escape and forget that you are pregnant, almost impossible. And very often, pregnant women do not forget about this to anyone.

  • Animals 5%.Yes, thematic magazines, websites and forums on care and maintenance pets much more than the resources devoted to child-rearing. Undoubtedly, pet tender and deserve attention and love. But there is a little disturbing thought. If the attention and love for animals so much, then someone else loses them clearly. And perhaps, these "someone" very close.

  • Handicrafts 5%.It is surprising in the fact that someone else is engaged in handicrafts. Most recently, this class was almost vital and economically justified. Today, it is rather a hobby and creativity. Knitting and embroidering no longer fashionable to ridicule and is often young and active part of women. And while economic and thrifty in the list are not indispensable to the merits of women's contemporary men, ladies will always go to what would make their ability to handle.

  • Recipes 3%.This can be a very exciting exercise, but a modern woman is not ready to give him too much of their forces and time. All the women conceived less than would be such a tasty and useful to feed her husband and children. And increasingly worry about the caloric content of food, fat and carbohydrate content and the negative impact on their own, still imperfect figure.

  • Children upbringing 2%.No, of course, we love and care about our children and give them entire 17 minutes of his time on the day! It is as calculated by psychologists, a woman spends on education of the child. At communion with him and upbringing, rather than feeding, dressing, bathing and walks with a child shopping. We are pleased and proud to talk about our children, showing their photographs and accomplishments and very little interest and developing educational programmes for them, relying more on nature and experience. And the older a child becomes, the less we are concerned about it and communicate less. but to devote his life to family and children ...

  • Sports 0.6%.Sports concern lovely ladies, again, just as, unfortunately, a necessary part of the first paragraph of the list of values. Gymnastics, basketball and hockey few who are interested, give way to a long aerobic loads and isotonic exercises.

  • Household 0.8%.The topic of concern to women and if so only for their own husband, namely a discrepancy spent on it, farm it, time it and husband. Since then, as women for the first time asked a rhetorical question, why I should do a theme that moved from the household level in the section of social and hotly debated and almost daily. And not only at home in the kitchen, but also in the media. But since this issue, as has been previously stated, rhetorical, had no answer to and can not be. Therefore, the theme of everyday life in the bottom of the list of women's priorities and I think in the near future will disappear altogether from the agenda.

  • Culture 0.3%.This notion in the list of topics and interests of women defined favorite soap operas, movies, novels, popular music and in the less everyone else that unites this word. No, it does not suggests that modern women are not interested in culture, art and even science. click here
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