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Men's and women's resentment differ

All probably somewhere in the boundless spaces of consciousness understand that offend stupid, useless, it is a waste of time, nerves and tears, but few actually can avoid it. It is believed that particularly impressionable women and resentment. But in reality, men no less susceptible and vulnerable. Simply they are better disguised. True, we, women seem to be more emotional, therefore, react to the words are not always as we expect. We can suddenly burst into tears. And suddenly, not only for men but also for themselves. We can smile and swallow offense. And expressively that the abuser colder everything inside.Why men when offend, go to bed, for me the great mystery. I'm trying to discern her second marriage. But some use the chance and simply washed out of the house, of course, not forgetting sandwiches and an affront to a person who disappears behind the door. This is the "Great difference between male and female thinking." Women try to be visible and impressive show how much they are offended. Men struggle to conceal it. They worry so diligently and indifferent, that once you understand how much he is experiencing on your fault. He would not spoil their pillow tears because it immediately, he sleeps. There will be no call to all friends and talk loudly, as it offended. He did not give you such a pleasure, as "soap opera" with delivery at home. No, you look at it long and sad, bitter and tenderly to smirk.And what shall we do when resentment salty streams flow from the eyes? Call girlfriend, cry. 25 Write a message on your mobile, drink a glass of wine. Collect suitcase, put at the door and sit at the window in anticipation of an apology. And come back from favorite bar or a bedroom, primyaty little, hungry and naproch all have forgotten. And carefully prepared ironic monologue about kindness, understanding, forgiveness and compassion to the squalid becomes unnecessary and inappropriate. What words? We have already forgotten those who are actually offended.Some ladies, and some men too, so used to this kind of satisfaction that the case put on stream. They often provoke others to conflict or to seek reasons for resentment only to the guilt complex abuser allowed them to manipulate them, receiving the necessary things: toys, new clothes, jewellery, expensive gifts or simply attention. For many people, who feel resentment, their sensitivity and vulnerable - is an unconscious way to get emotional jewelry as a gift: caring, tenderness and sensitivity.In fact resentment - this recognition rightness abuser and the availability of our internal problems. We unpleasantly when someone, or a foreign favorite, shows our fears, doubts and uncertainty in the bright light. Unintentional or specially abuser gets in our most painful point. If he did not want to offend us, it is likely to allow elementary or callous indifference. So whether you need to sharpen our attention to the weak side, motives and seek to develop a discussion? And if the attack was deliberately and in cold blood, then offend and show it - hence, to recognize that the goal of "enemy" achieved.Right with a sense of grievance is not easy, but possible. And indeed, necessary. And this can be learned. Recognize that we groundwork and whose words and something to say about this - is already half way. But to say quietly, without calling the conflict. And to understand why so painful to us - is a direct route to the finish. And most important, but difficult - is to remove the cause of our suffering. No, I do not have to stifle her husband's pillow and poured tea staff member in rat poison. But if you offend Criticism of our physical appearance or character and mental qualities, you should make a difference in itself. Having taken his figure or work on their domestic content. This can help resolve the problem, which delivers unnecessary distress, and to deprive surrounding reason for ridicule and recrimination. And if not cope with the problem, you should change their attitude to it. For example, to recognize that we are all imperfect and are entitled to leniency and forgiveness. click here
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