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The underground network is filled lives in San Francisco in 2108

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Architectural company IwamotoScott Architecture of San Francisco won a $ 10-thousandth Grand Prix in competition with the speakers named City of the Future, held channel History Channel, with sponsorship companies Infiniti and IBM. In fact, competition is held in three cities - Washington, San Francisco and Atlanta. In each - for the 8-team aspirants, who were all for one week to come, as will be their home town look like a hundred years, and not just draw pictures, but thought many details of resettlement towns and build models. A couple of species of San Francisco in 2108 confuses existing buildings with fantastic objects .I must say that in every city one of the teams awarded Grand Prix (in this case we are interested , winning in San Francisco). But in addition, an open vote, carried out now on the History Channel, to determine the absolute winner of this competition, which will receive the title of National Champion, sdobrenny additional $ 5 thousands. Fog in San Francisco - an ordinary case. The sponsors of the draft took into account this "used" it "whim" of local weather for the benefit of the city. IwamotoScott believes that San Francisco - one of the most green cities in the United States - could become more green, and help him in this should be a fantastic system, called Hydro-Net. In its most advanced green technologies connected to the existing real geological and climatic conditions of this megalopolis, reaching a stunning effect. Hydro-Net in terms of the city. Below: as well look at the network would look from the ground if the ground was transparent. "The number of urban dwellers in the future will increase dramatically. Given this fact, this vision of the future of San Francisco offers a new infrastructure that exist below the surface of the city, which will help maximise and rationally allocate resources, "- said the expert History Channel architect Richard Meier, commenting on an application IwamotoScott. So, Hydro-Net - a large set of technology to produce clean energy and drinking water, as well as - a network for the distribution and the and another, and at the same time and transportation system. At the core of Hydro-Net is a network of deep tunnels and huge knots, hidden under the city (they should dig, understandably, robots). Here are the reservoirs for the accumulation of water and hydrogen, here lie the pipe from heavy-duty materials (based on carbon nanotubes), distributing water and fuel across the entire city, laid cables grid here. The underground lake with water and place of recreation for city residents, transportation and energy system - all Hydro-Net. And in those same huge tunnels (communicating with the surface in many spots) fly automatic air-cushion vehicles, computers and managed to Eat hydrogen. The latter is generated in the megalopolis. To do this on the shores of the Gulf must be built graceful plaited Algae Tower, up filled with seaweed, absorb sunlight. Drinking water, he should receive not only from underground aquifers, but largely from the huge plants - fog, named Fog Flower. They are deployed in places where the concentration of fog, thanks to relief, the most high. Energy supply same city, in addition to the towers with algae, several geothermal stations, entitled Geothermal Mushroom, located in particular at the famous Twin hills Piks. It is they, by the way, and shown in the foreground in the illustrations under the heading. All these sponsors carefully itemized on detail and caused to the city plan, taking into account rising sea levels from global warming notorious. Network Hydro-Net, an enormous body-symbionts or heinous spawn, hidden below the earth, should provide a life of San Francisco in XXII century. And even if this system looks quite shocked, none of its parts do not have the technologies, which would not exist today, at least in the form of experiments. And consequently, our prapravnuki may well see the city like that.
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