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A second chance. Since you are no longer part of my life, I finally realized that I lost, I probably the biggest idiot in this world. I can not live without you, I need to you. So I ask you, let me SECOND CHANCE ... He stood and waited.there was a strong rain . Water flows, sparks in his face. His costume was thoroughly wet. It opened the door of the machine, withdrew. Seeing her, he stagnation, as if lightning affected. Water sparks on his face, as if he priros to one place. It appears he simply did not notice the rain. In her eyes he saw the joy, but on her lips red light smile. He offered her hand… He booked a table at the best restaurant. He has not forgotten her tastes ... Candlelight, soft music, and a huge bouquet of lilies middle of the royal table ... It was a little surprised his invitation to dinner. sat nearly three hours in the salon. To apply a long evening dresses and finally settled on lilac dress for cocktails with open arms. And here it is. At a meeting with its past ... -- I hope I look tremendous - she thought, throwing a short look in the mirror. -- It looks captivating in the Lilac dress and high-raised hair - he thought ... They talked about her vacation in Texas, on the witty developments, which books they have read, performances, which saw ... Both laughed a lot, and enjoy a relaxed evening. As in the old days. Dazzling, beautiful girl, her smile, eyes, in which he drowned years before ... All this time, he gathered courage, and waited for a favorable moment. Now he realized that this is his chance. His eyes were serious. -- How should you start, Jane ... No, not true ... Better would he took her into their hands, but he dared not. She suddenly became wary look at it and irritations. -- Jane, I invited you to dinner is not without back idea - he continued, looking firmly in its suddenly became dark as the ocean depth eyes. Thousands of thoughts kept in her head. -- What he wants from me? Does he now do I offer? Oh, God as unpleasant! Or he might be trouble ... She looked almost black their eyes to it, and silent. -- Frankly, I'm sorry, I have communicated with you. I still do not know why I do so. You gave me their warmth, security, trust and Love, gave me a chance to stay in this life. There was always when I needed you during these years. Still, I pushed with a force you from yourself. I could not even admit to yourself that you need to, and I love you more than life ... He constantly looked at her requesting, and sad eyes. During the monologue, she breathed deeply twice the air, looking at it empty, sad eyes. The paintings were flying past in her head, like birds. -- Since you are no longer part of my life, I realized finally that I lost, I am probably the biggest idiot in this world. I can not live without you, I need to you. So I ask you, let me SECOND CHANCE. Finally, I fulfilled all obligations, and resigned from his wife last week. I did it for you, for us ... She looked at him helplessly. Watched and did not know what to say, because he already had a second chance at least ten times ... -- I know it is not just for you - he continued to press - after all, what happened then. But I changed. No more lies, no empty promises, no second wives. Now I know that you are only important to me ... He stopped, took, finally, her arm, and on the lips sweet as sugar smile, and looking at her eyes shining, asked: -- Jane, do you want to be my wife? She quietly extract its palm of his hand and looked sad ... -- Thank you for dinner and a pleasant evening - says almost whisper it, and suddenly stood up - however, will be better now if I go ... She quickly got up and went to the door. He wanted to catch up with it, but comes waiter detained him. -- Give me faster through! Enveloped in flames, he watched horrified as she leaves the restaurant, and already wave hand, calling a taxi. Not looking money to reach out to the waiter, he ran on the street. Rain rained continuous flow, but he did not notice it. -- Stop, Jane, let's talk! I can not live without you! It slowed down a step and turned. Wind trepetal omitted her eyelashes. She sighed deeply and ice says tone: -- This is not my problem, Dave, - and villages in the taxi ... He cried desperately: -- I earned a second chance, curse! He escaped near the taxi, called her by name, knock out the window, shouted: -- Do not leave, stay with me! Not give his view, he quietly replied: -- You lost your chance when I asked you to be my only ... -- Head, finally, faster - she cried drivers. -- All the same, I I love you, Jane ... His hands hanging on the sides, shoulders fallen. He looked perplexedly after taxi ... She disappeared! ... click here
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